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How to Use This Site: Ten Tips 

Before you start clicking every where, please read below.  If it helps, please get a notebook and a pen. 


1.  Watch the video podcast.  Don't pause if you don't understand something.  Keep watching until you reach the end. 

2.  At the end, ask yourself:  What did you learn?

3.  Watch it again.  Take notes.   

4.  Read the blog related to the video.  The blog is for reading.  Did you understand all the words?  Make a list of new words.  

5.  When you are reading, pay attention to sentences.  Simple sentences.  Complex sentences.  What we write is often more formal than how we speak. 

6.   Practice.  Use what you learn every day and everywhere.   

7.   Too easy?  Go to The What? Blog and read.   The readings are more advanced.  Take your time to read.   Read, read, read!

8.   After a few days, repeat 1-7.     

9.   Learning is a process.  Sometimes we forget what we have just learned.   Our brain can only handle so much.  All of us have busy lives, busy brains.  But it's a video podcast and it's always here.  You can always watch it again. 

10.  Share We Speak America with your friends.  It's more fun when learning with others.  


Do you have ideas on lessons we can feature? 

Email us.

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