We Speak



Our survival owes a lot to storytelling.   We have been hearing stories since we were kids.   As adults, what kind of stories do you listen to or watch?  Stories are everywhere around us.  There are more stories now on Facebook or YouTube.   Too many in fact.  Have you ever thought how these videos--in English--could help you learn English faster? When you watch a movie you like in English, aren't you surprised that sometimes you reach the end of the movie and understand?  It's about context


In We Speak Stories, we present you real-life contexts, stories that are relevant to you as an immigrant.    Our immigrant life is rich with stories we tell.  We also survive by the stories we are told.  We learn from them.  We live by them.   They are guides and warnings along the path of life.  We pass them on to our children.  We Speak Stories is all about that.  Enjoy listening to these stories and ask yourself what you learned from listening and watching.