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How Do You Learn?

Your Classroom is on the Internet

Do you know that you can turn your subway ride into a learning experience?

How to succeed in learning independently is up to you. Experience is our best teacher, as they say.

Some immigrants think they have to be in a classroom in order to learn English. Do you agree with them?

You may say, yes, because you grew up learning the traditional way--in a classroom. It is not easy to change our school models. When we think of "schools," we immediately think of a chair, a desk, a blackboard, and a teacher in front of us. We think of a physical space.

It's 2018. Now we have online universities. These schools don't require students to be in the same classroom or even in the same city. Students from all over the country meet on the internet to study. It is the 21st century way of learning, because you may never meet your classmates and hang out with them after class. But does it work? Of course, it does.

We are lifelong learners. We don't really stop learning. Even if we don't go to school anymore, we are still learning. Much of what we learn as adults, we learn as "independent students". That means we are learning on our own time and by ourselves. How to succeed in learning independently is up to you. Experience is our best teacher, as they say.

Think about it. You don't have to be on a waiting list for an English class at the library. You may not ever be called to start the class. Why wait? You can start learning English right this very minute. If you have the internet and a phone with WiFi, then you can begin now.

- Mr. Bino


1. Explain in your own words how the use of technology has changed how we learn.

2. Do you use technology (cell phones, computer, internet) to learn?

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