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Lesson Blog: What are you doing?

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Did you listen to our What are you doing podcast? We hope you did. This is an extra lesson that will help you understand our podcast better.

Learning English happens every day. This lesson will help you build vocabulary. It will also help you to answer the question: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

It’s a good question to ask yourself wherever you are. For instance, what are you doing right now?

You can say:

  • I am learning English.

  • I am reading a blog.

  • I’m studying English on

Note: In the last sentence above, I'm is the contraction of I am.


For those of you who love grammar, you are learning Present Progressive Tense.

I (subject) + am learning (verb) + English (direct object).

We always recommend to speak in complete sentences like the above. Don’t take any short cuts. It’s very tempting to answer with one words, but it’s good to learn English with proper sentence construction.

The Present Progressive Tense is very useful in everyday conversations. We also believe it is more useful than the present tense (for example: I learn English). What makes this verb tense special is that people often ask you: What are you doing? It also helps in communicating with your loved ones what is happening with you at any moment of time.

Common Mistakes

Question: What are you doing?

Wrong: I learning English.

Wrong: I learn English.

Correct: I AM learning English.

Find on the Internet

Here are more resources for more reading:

How about a list of verbs you can use now?

- We Speak America

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